03 Jul

Yewno Named One of CIO Applications Magazine’s “ Top 25 EdTech Solutions Providers of the Year 2018 ”

Yewno, Inc., a leading international provider of artificial intelligence solutions, has been named as one of the “Top 25 EdTech Solution Providers 2018” by CIO Applications Magazine.  The positioning is based on an evaluation of Yewno’s in-depth capabilities in using cutting-edge computational linguistics and machine learning technology. The annual list of companies is selected by a panel of experts and members of CIO Applications’ editorial board to recognize and promote technology entrepreneurship.

“We are glad to announce Yewno as one among the Top 25 EdTech Solution Providers 2018. Yewno has long been a leading player in Computational Semantics, Knowledge, and Educational Technology, and their progress and advancement in providing EdTech Solution is impressive. We are pleased to recognize Yewno for its exemplary contribution in providing Advanced Algorithms and Machine Learning services,” said Joe Phillip, Managing Editor of CIO Applications.

Yewno was recognized for their innovative Discover and Create platforms which harness hundreds of millions of semantic connections and conceptual links from millions of scholarly articles, books, and databases across all academic fields. This empowers students and researchers to navigate intuitively across concepts, relationships, and disciplines, learning from resources that might have otherwise been overlooked. This enhances understanding and creates impactful work while saving time and ensuring comprehensive and credible coverage.  Create takes the process one step further by helping students to format their research, collaborate with peers, and submit their work to peer-reviewed journals.  Capturing the attention of the global education community, Yewno Discover has been adopted by universities in seven countries since its launch in 2015.  Likewise, the recent DoYewno competition celebrating the launch of Yewno Create saw entries from high school students across eighteen countries.

“We are honored to be recognized by CIO Applications as the one of the Top 25 EdTech Solutions Providers 2018,” said Ruggero Gramatica, CEO, Yewno, Inc. “Our roots are in academia, and we are proud to continue to lead the curve in EdTech innovation.  To accomplish this, Yewno leverages a proprietary A.I. based inference engine incorporating cognitive science models, neural networks and computational linguistics to build an intelligent framework between millions of correlated concepts, handling a volume of data that would never be humanly possible with the purpose of transforming information into knowledge.”

About Yewno

Founded in 2015, Yewno is helping the world to uncover the undiscovered through its new inference engine, which introduces an entirely new approach to knowledge discovery. Yewno inference engine incorporates machine learning, cognitive science, neural networks, and computational linguistics into an intelligent framework to enhance human understanding by correlating concepts across vast volumes sources. Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, and with offices in London and New York, Yewno is backed by leading investors including Pacific Capital and currently has numerous partnerships across the finance sector, top research universities, publishers and content aggregators worldwide. Yewno was recently named Outsell’s 2017 Emerging Company of the Year and was chosen from among 250 major disruptors in the global information industry.

For more information, visit www.yewno.com  

 About CIO Applications

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