Yann Mahe – MyScienceWork

Director Innovation & Business Development

Yann has been working for 10 years in developing innovative technologies/solutions in the Research Market and Scholarly Publishing Industry to help researchers to better access, analyze and promote their outputs. He holds a Master of Business from the University Paris Sud and a bachelor’s in law. He joined MyScienceWork to bring his expertise and reinforce the team that works on our innovative project.

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At ConTech Forum Yann will be discussing the following:

The role of AI in an institutional repository

Session Abstract:
We will present how AI can help curators/repository managers by extracting
keywords/concepts from metadata and article and thereby automating the classification
and comparison between publications.

At ConTech 2019 Yann will be discussing the following:

We will present how we built an AI able to help 40 rare diseases research funders to perform landscape analyses and view funding trends at global level to inform their decisions, build a globally coordinated research funding agenda and identify key research groups within the field of rare diseases

Session Full Description
We will go through a case studies of a rare diseases research funders that are members of a consortium to explain how we help them to build a database of correct, complete and exploitable data from countries and funders, both public and private, specific to rare diseases. Firstly, we will present how we setup and developed the solution to address the following challenges: 1. How to collect data from more than 40 rare diseases research funder with different and specific process and system? 2. How to automate a large part of the curation process of research project harvested? 3. Is AI able to a. Classify research project as rare or non-rare diseases despite the small amount of data available per rare diseases? b. Identify and extract the rare diseases keywords from research projects description? Secondly, the presentation will give a look to the solution implemented with a specific focus on: 1. The harvesting interface for: a. Collecting data from 40 different funders around the world with a variety of sources and data models… b. … And defining a common data model that could be flexible – e.g.: integration of other types of data (clinical trials) in the platform 2. The curation interface to: a. Establish workflow for curation/annotation/validation… b. … And integrate AI algorithm for automated classification 3. Analytical dashboard to: a. Get a full and global analyze of worldwide rare diseases research project funding b. Identify trends of research, pattern, potential collaboration…

Actionable Takeaway #1
better understand how it is crucial to get interoperable, flexible and sustainable solutions to manage and analyze data from different sources

Actionable Takeaway #2
… understand the benefits of AI research projects for classification and analytics dashboard

Actionable Takeaway #3
… realize that AI could be the best allies to win time and effectiveness in the curation/annotation process of research project database