Sami Benchekroun – Morressier

CEO & Co-Founder

Sami Benchekroun is the CEO and cofounder of Morressier, the company that is making the world’s early-stage research openly accessible and discoverable. He launched Morressier in 2014 with the aim of helping scientists accelerate their breakthroughs by providing the technology they need to share and discover relevant research, including the data that is generated prior to a final paper. Together with his cofounders Justus Weweler and Rino Montiel, Sami is now working to bring all players from industry, universities, scientific institutions and conferences together to foster an open dialogue around early-stage research. Sami has over ten years of experience in academic conferences, scholarly publishing, and entrepreneurship, and a background studying business at ESCP in London, Paris and Berlin. 

How technology is shedding light on previously hidden research data – Sami Benchekroun