Sam Herbert – 67 Bricks

Client Services Director

Sam Herbert is co-founder of 67 Bricks Ltd. a technology company that is leading the evolution of content and data capabilities at publishers. At 67 Bricks he oversees consultancy and software development projects to ensure they achieve the client’s business objectives. In this role Sam has taken a lead in exploring how technologies like AI, machine learning and natural language processing can deliver value in the information industry. He brings practical experience of the use of these technologies on real projects at 67 Bricks and a vision for how they will impact the information industry of the future.

At ConTech Forum Sam will be discussing:

The Road to Data Maturity: How to build content products in the Age of AI


Our industry is facing wholesale change; users now expect customized knowledge and tailored recommendations delivered digitally and structural transformation is simmering as a result. In the brave new world content providers need to harness technologies such as AI to help them evolve from being traditional content providers to data-driven product companies.

Data is at the heart of everything. Increasing your data maturity will fuel innovation and power the transformed products and services that customers demand going forward. In this short talk we will review why content providers need to increase their data maturity to deliver the user experiences that their customers expect.  For those that act now, there is time to survive and thrive in this new dawn of academic publishing.

Actionable Takeaways From This Session

1 A clear view of the new demands from users – author as customer, the need for smart, tailored, digital user experiences as standard

2 A solid understanding of the importance of becoming data driven and how an organisation should begin to evaluate its maturity

3 Case study examples of how companies might start to manage, enrich and deliver data better, initiate projects into product management and start to conceive a data driven product platform