Sabine Louët – SciencePOD

Founder & CEO

Sabine Louët is a media entrepreneur and Science Communicator, Journalist, Editor with a keen interest in how best to use technology to deliver improved publishing solutions. Sabine has built an international career in science and technology publishing in the past 20 years. She has worked for international science publishing houses including the Nature Publishing Group, in London and New York (now part of Springer Nature) and strategic pharma intelligence publishing houses including Windhover, Norwalk, Connecticut (now part of Informa) and Shanghai, China-based GBI Health.

In 2014, she founded SciencePOD, which stands for Science Prose On-Demand. She noticed that in the science and technology sector, the way scientists and professional working in technology communicated was not always optimum. This meant that valuable research findings and exciting technological advances were not communicated widely to those who matter, including policy makers, potential collaboration partners and the wider publish. She developed the SciencePOD platform to connect communities of science and technology writers and editors with scientific organisations and industries interested in using its talent management tool combined with a workflow management solution.


She is holds a honor’s M.Sc. (Maitrise) in Fundamental Physics from the University, Strasbourg, France and a M.Sc. In Science Communication from Imperial College, London, UK. In 2006, she has been awarded the Science Journalism Laureate Award from Purdue University, IN, USA, for services to Science Communication. She speaks fluent English and French and has a good working knowledge of German and Spanish.

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