Sabine Louët – SciencePOD

Founder & CEO

Sabine Louët is a media entrepreneur and Science Communicator, Journalist, Editor with a keen interest in how best to use technology to deliver improved publishing solutions. Sabine has built an international career in science and technology publishing in the past 20 years. She has worked for international science publishing houses including the Nature Publishing Group, in London and New York (now part of Springer Nature) and strategic pharma intelligence publishing houses including Windhover, Norwalk, Connecticut (now part of Informa) and Shanghai, China-based GBI Health.

In 2014, she founded SciencePOD, which stands for Science Prose On-Demand. She noticed that in the science and technology sector, the way scientists and professional working in technology communicated was not always optimum. This meant that valuable research findings and exciting technological advances were not communicated widely to those who matter, including policy makers, potential collaboration partners and the wider publish. She developed the SciencePOD platform to connect communities of science and technology writers and editors with scientific organisations and industries interested in using its talent management tool combined with a workflow management solution.

She holds an honors M.Sc. (Maitrise) in Fundamental Physics from the University, Strasbourg, France and a M.Sc. In Science Communication from Imperial College, London, UK. In 2006, she has been awarded the Science Journalism Laureate Award from Purdue University, IN, USA, for services to Science Communication. She speaks fluent English and French and has a good working knowledge of German and Spanish.

Surf the new content marketing wave:  from journal-led to author-led marketing
In this new ear of open access, we’re seeing a clear shift in our industry away from journal-
led marketing to author-led content marketing. This means that there is an urgency for
publishers to  showcase the value of their journal by raising the profile of their authors.

SciencePOD is fast becoming the go-to place for science content marketing to support
publishers and academic institution tell the story of their research they publish.
From curating the most important and newsworthy research published by scientific research
paper authors, to translating this research into engaging news stories, features, and
interviews, and to creating infographics, animations and other visual content and ensuring it
is all optimised, SciencePOD is leading the way (see samples here
Moreover, we are using AI and latest web technologies to automate the content production
process making it even easier to showcase the latest research findings and publications. Our
customers include some of the largest science publishers, Elsevier and Springer Nature,
among others.

The secret to our automation lies in SciencePOD’s integrated platform, which is designed to
meet all the editorial needs of science publishers and R&D industries. Specifically, the
platform allows publishers to access SciencePOD’ global network of expert talent: science
writers, editors and journalists, designers, audio/video/animation producers. And our talent
network knows science. All our writers and editors, for example, are vetted not only for
their creative skills but for their scientific background as well. This means that they
understand complex scientific material and can translate it into the right content for specific
target audiences. The second benefit of the platform is that it makes it easy to apply a two-
step editorial quality control over every single piece of content we process.
And for those interested in operating at scale, SciencePOD is at the vanguard of developing
automated summarisation of research papers into 300 words digests. Find out more about
our latest work in this direction this June at the next ConTech event in London on 21 st June

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