Lee Harland – SciBite

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Lee Harland, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, SciBite

Lee founded SciBite based on his pioneering work in the use of artificial intelligence and ontology-based semantic analysis. As Chief Scientific Officer, he has over 20 years’ experience in life sciences in both industry and academia, using the latest semantic web, data integration and text-mining technologies to derive knowledge from vast quantities of information. He has published a number of key papers in these areas and contributed leadership, advice or code to many teams including the Pistoia AllianceOpen PHACTSBiomedBridges, the Experimental Factor Ontology/Biosamples and ChEMBL groups. 


Are Life Sciences Ontologies Relevant In A Machine Learning World?


The unescapable rise of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) challenges the role of existing text analytics techniques such as Named Entity Recognition and Natural Language Processing in extracting information from scientific text. Often these rely on underlying ontologies to provide the semantic foundation for more complex linguistic and statistical analysis. This talk investigates how ontologies and ontology-led text analysis fits with emerging ML/AI algorithms and the synergies brought by combining the two approaches. We highlight real-world use-cases from across the Pharmaceutical and Life Science sector where SciBite’s text analytics systems have been employed to create next-generation enterprise data infrastructure for many of the world’s leading companies.