Jo Collins – NEN – Netherlands Standards Association

Product Manager

Jo is Product Manager at NEN (Netherlands Standardization Institute) and has worked here for more than 20 years having been Quality Manager, Head of Customer Service, Head of Operations and now responsible for NEN’s flagship product NEN Connect and for much of the R&D work aimed at a content centric approach using for instance semantics and NLP to extract and bring together relevant content..

Jo has a very eclectic background, having worked as a computer operator and then programmer on the Main Frames in the 70’s, but having moved to the Netherlands in the late 70’s worked in a historical library, published a journal, and eventually in the mid 90’s started work at NEN.

NEN supports the standardization process in the Netherlands, publishes and distributes standards, national and international and is part of an international network of standards bodies. Jo has seen and actively participated in the move from paper to PDF and now to XML and together with colleagues around the standards world is looking at how standards content, essential to industry, can be optimized for use in increasingly complex work processes.

Standards of the Future – on the road

In November Jo indicated that standards bodies are at a crossroads:

Standards of the Future is a major challenge which will fundamentally change how standards are created and used – next 5-10 years

The serious work has started and it has become immediately clear that the involvement of all ‘interested parties’, users of standards at all stages in the production chain is essential if we are to achieve our goal. One of the fundamental questions, do we take a giant leap or incremental steps, bearing in mind the need to take all our stakeholders with us, including the experts that write the standards.

Using modern content technologies to extract value and drive change across an industry – Jo Collins