Jabe Wilson – Elsevier

Consulting Director

Dr. Jabe Wilson has been chosen as one of the DataIQ 100 — a list of the most influential people in data-driven business. Recognized as a “titan” of data-driven business for his work with data and analytics, Jabe is showcased in his own page on DataIQ’s website: Click Here For More

At ConTech Forum Jabe will be discussing the following:

He will be giving a progress update on the project to determine repurposed drug treatments for the rare disease Chronic Pancreatitis. The project benefitted from smart content that was taken from a number of life sciences information sources and curated into a set of data that was consistent in terms of both numeric data and the taxonomic terms used to index concepts in the data. The Elsevier Entellect platform allowed this data to be served up for feature engineering and subsequent analysis using machine learning to predict interactions between drugs and proteins in the human body that have been implicated in the disease process of chronic pancreatitis. Jabe will talk about how the outcomes of the machine learning were validated and the steps now being taken to ready these drugs for patient trials.