Jabe Wilson – Elsevier (RELX)

Consulting Director

Jabe Wilson is the Consulting Director for Text and Data Analytics within the Professional Services organisation at Elsevier (RELX). He has a background in Artificial Intelligence (AI), which he has been working with for almost 30 years, since studying at the School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences at Sussex University. He has broad experience in industries delivering digital content, and has participated in several start-ups as well as teaching interaction design at the Royal College of Art (RCA). 

Since the late 1990s he has worked on a wide range of innovative projects instrumental in driving the transformation of Elsevier from an established scientific print publisher through to its transition into a predominantly digital information analytics company. Projects include: Elsevier’s first electronic reference books; early collaborative social networks in biomedical science with BioMedNet; the indexing for adverse drug reactions with the creation of Pharmapendium.com; development of early semantic knowledge bases for therapeutic drug design, introduction of adaptive learning courses into the National Health Service in the UK with Elsevier Clinical Skills; and, developing the semantic search product Elsevier Text Mining.

Currently he works in the Professional Services organisation where Elsevier delivers analytics solutions that support research to address many of the world’s most challenging problems – in health, engineering, and drug development.