Harriet Bell – Emerald Publishing

Marketing Director

Harriet Bell – Emerald Publishing

Harriet Bell has worked in academic publishing for over 20 years, and is now a Board member for Emerald Publishing which is an independent social science and humanities publisher. Harriet is responsible for global marketing and product development for Emerald at a time of exciting opportunity and change, moving towards innovative content formats to more broadly communicate research findings, supporting open science and above all looking at the role publishers can play in supporting research impact.

In 2017, Emerald Publishing decided to look for an alternative to its core academic content platform. This is the story of what we did and why.

Session Full Description
In 2017, Emerald was faced with a choice. Stay on the existing 3rd party content platform we used for our core business, which we were finding expensive and difficult to innovate. Or look elsewhere. This is the journey of how we began to understand what the platform of the future would look like for our current and future customers. This is how we built it, and all the joys and pain we met with along the way. As we began to build it, we asked ourselves whether the world really needs another content platform for academic books and journals. So we set about imagining the content product of the future. We needed to think very differently to do this, and we needed to partner with a technology company who shared our vision. Together with 67Bricks, Emerald began to create a digital platform for the social science community that aims to help researchers have real impact with their work.

Actionable Takeaway #1
Decide which elements of the approach Emerald took are relevant for their business

Actionable Takeaway #2
Understand the needs and user feedback which led to Emerald’s decisions

Actionable Takeaway #3
Hopefully offer some helpful ideas and questions to drive future innovation