Claire Merritt – JoVE

Corporate Account Manager

Claire Merritt – JoVE

Claire is the Corporate Account Manager at JoVE, in her role handles library relations and business development for global bio-pharmaceutical companies.  She is dedicated to working with librarians and scientists to bring the right mix of JoVE’s innovative products to each company.  Prior to joining JoVE in 2018, Claire worked in publishing for several years. 


Solving the Reproducibility Crisis


“Researchers at leading biopharmaceutical companies have reported struggling not only to reproduce other scientist’s experiments but their own as well. The traditional text protocol leaves much to the imagination, and with the high cost of time and money wasted in the lab – visualized experiments are changing the way biomedical R&D is done.

JoVE offers a unique solution to the reproducibility crisis with a comprehensive video protocol platform. With over 20,000 authors from leading biopharmaceutical companies, research universities worldwide, JoVE’s subscriptions can be customized to meet each company’s R&D pipelines. Users access are granted access to the platform through IP and domain authentication, making sharing knowledge with colleagues in different sites seamless.”