Chris Bendall – Springer Nature

Director Physical Sciences (Engineering & Tech)

Chris Bendall, Director Physical Sciences (Engineering & Tech), Springer Nature

Chris joined Springer’s Geoscience editorial team in 2006 and has since enjoyed a variety of roles including journal development in the Middle East and more recently focused on development of Springer Nature’s corporate markets business. Mid 2018 Chris took on the role of Director Business Development, responsible for new product and business model development (Including Text and Data Mining) in collaboration with many colleagues from throughout Springer Nature’s Research content and services group. Prior to working in the publishing industry, Chris was a gold seeking geologist in the jungles of the South Pacific and attained a PhD in Geochemistry whilst charting gold use by Celtic tribes in the first centuries B.C.


SciGraph and interactive knowledge exploration in Pharma


Instead of the traditional flat document perspective, users encounter a structured world of knowledge built upon an ocean of semantically enriched and integrated facts. To exploit the full potential of this shift, scientific database products have to offer an intelligent search that goes far beyond traditional keyword search.

This requires a synthesis of features that aim at understanding users’ intents and mapping their queries to entities of different types and the complex relations between them. In addition, the future success of scientific databases depends on features for interactive knowledge exploration, smart browsing and serendipitous discovery. All this requires complex data pipelines that utilise a wealth of cutting-edge AI technologies.

This talk gives an overview of the combination of related technologies that we are currently incorporating into Springer Nature database products, ranging from (semi-)automated entity recognition in natural-language texts, over taxonomies, ontologies & Linked Data principles, to advanced machine-learning techniques and data analytics like graph & network mining.

We highlight how we benefit from each of these components, but even more so from their successful combination.