Ben McLeish – Digital Science & Research Solutions Ltd

Director, Outreach & Advocacy

Ben McLeish – Digital Science & Research Solutions Ltd

Ben McLeish is Director of Outreach & Advocacy at Digital Science, serving European clients of Digital Science (from academics to major corporate clients.) Ben has been active in research information for 15 years.

Research data such as patents, clinical trial data, academic research articles, policy documents and data sets are often available to companies only in separate siloed offerings, and categorised differently. By connecting these and categorising them uniformly using advanced machine learning, and provided via unified APIs and web interfaces, new levels of decision support and business intelligence can be achieved.

Session Full Description
Opportunities abound to harness scientific research data to support discovery, decision-making and innovation, yet global research organizations are increasingly challenged to derive actionable insights from both internal and external data due to the size of the ever increasing data sets and the unstructured nature of the data within. This presentation will explore how/where biopharma organizations have used a linked scientific research information system in order to interrogate more than 4 billion linkages across publications, funded grants, clinical trials, patents and policy documents. Consistent categorization across traditionally siloed data types results in a transformative integrated view of scientific research wherein users can analyze outcomes and trends, identify data cues, signals and gather novel insights to inform tactical and strategic decisions.

Actionable Takeaway #1
After this presentation, attendees will have a strong understanding of how to access multiple different research data types via unified APIs.

Actionable Takeaway #2
Attendees will have a new view of how research funding in Europe has been tracking in several biopharma research areas over the last decade – navigated via field of research, country and by research institution

Actionable Takeaway #3
Attendees will have access to a free database of the world’s research institutions after the session, which can be implemented and used for commercial purposes for market intelligence and deployment in big data applications.