Andrew Anderson – Independent


Andrew Anderson – Independent

Andrew is an entrepreneur and investor with over 30 years experience in the software and AI industry, creating and building companies from startup to exit. In January Andrew exited the AI software company he founded 15 years ago called Celaton. They developed a platform that applied AI & machine learning to streamline & automate the handling of human generated unstructured data to improve customer experience, supply chain and employee engagement.

Session Full Description

The media vacuum fills quickly with ‘Ai’ stories that make the best headlines. They would have us believe that we’re being left behind by a technology that is being exploited only by those with access to big budgets and the brightest data scientists.

The reality of ‘Ai’ is different from the hype because of the meaning associated with it. Think ‘Augmented’ rather that ‘Artificial’ and you realise that the greatest potential achieved through augmenting human intelligence. It’s no less exciting and it’s more accessible than you might think.

In my presentation, I describe why Ai means ‘Augmented’ rather than ‘Artificial’ intelligence. From helping to determine priorities to responding to customer complaints, there’s an Ai tool for it. I share some examples of how business’s use it to achieved real value, helping them to reduce costs, minimise risk and deliver better customer experience.

Actionable Takeaway #1
How to approach AI

Actionable Takeaway #2
Where to start

Actionable Takeaway #3
What to expect