Andrew Anderson – Independent


Andrew Anderson – Independent

Andrew is an entrepreneur and investor with over 30 years experience in the software and AI industry, creating and building companies from startup to exit. In January Andrew exited the AI software company he founded 15 years ago called Celaton. They developed a platform that applied AI & machine learning to streamline & automate the handling of human generated unstructured data to improve customer experience, supply chain and employee engagement.

Using content to communicate to customers that creates bi-directional conversation and then using insights to improve content that create better communications…

The customer remains the most important subject in the boardroom. It’s not just about reputation
and revenue, actions and behaviours are scrutinised through regulation.
Communication out across many channels is easy but more than ever, it’s about engagement and
that requires the ability to create bi-directional conversations. The challenge faced by organisations
is that they can’t easily understand what their customers are saying without time and effort. This is
where AI can help.

Three challenges in creating bi-directional conversations:
Human generated content is a different language from machine generated content. 
After translation, meaning and intent must be understood
With an understanding of the meaning and intent, a response can be created and hence a

Andrew will explain and give examples of where automation and AI have been used to overcome
these challenges and the outcome that was achieved.