Andrea Filetti – Eni S.P.A.

Measurement & Reputation Manager

Andrea Filetti – Eni S.P.A.

Andrea joined Eni’s Communications DataLab in 2016. Data-enthusiast, former social scientist with a PhD in Political Science and Public Opinion Research, he is now in charge of coordinating the application of Data Science solutions to support Eni’s communication strategy and activities.

Beyond their classic applications, Data Science techniques are gaining momentum in the field of corporate communication as well, where firms are increasingly dealing with the relevance challenge. The presentation sheds light on the solutions that Eni is increasingly adopting to support content production in its different aspects.

Session Full Description
In this speech, you’ll discover a real case that will show you how corporate communication strategies are supported and enabled by data science by: – Measuring the effectiveness of communication – Guiding the production of specific and non-self-referential content through external listening and analysis – Applying machine learning and deep learning to a content strategy to discover relevant topics – Monitoring the interest and popularity of specific topics, identifying the most active communities – Predicting future trends

Actionable Takeaway #1
understand how a complete communication strategy is integrated and improved by data science

Actionable Takeaway #2
discover which ML techniques are used to tailor a content strategy that can attract real interest and meet people’s needs.

Actionable Takeaway #3
see which data sources are used to predict future trends