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Jasmien Lismont

Jasmien Lismont, Project Manager & Data Scientist, Twipe

Jasmien Lismont is a project manager at Twipe, developing analytics insights and solutions for publishers as well as managing the innovative collaborative project JAMES. She strongly believes in the power of digitalization in a sector challenged by fake news, free news and an overload of information. Her passion lies in creating – together with publishers – analytical models to address these challenges and developing solutions which improve the reading experience of their customers.

Based in Leuven, Belgium, Twipe helps publishers to engage readers and monetise premium content on mobile devices. Many leading regional and national newspapers across Europe including Le Monde, Ouest-France, The Times and DuMont Medien rely on the Twipe solutions every day.

Previously, Jasmien obtained her PhD in Business Economics at KU Leuven. Focusing on the challenges of adopting analytics in business, she studied this from a managerial and practical perspective. She looked into analytics maturity and automation, as well as researched and applied social network analytics techniques in finance and retail.