Dear Boss,

There’s a conference being organised specifically looking at how content is transformed through data science, AI and emerging tech called ConTech 2019. It’s on the 5th & 6th December in London.

It’s an extremely high quality event that a lot of my peers will be attending.  There are a few clear value points that make a delegate place for this conference a smart investment for our company:

– I’ll pick up clear tactics to apply directly to our content strategy that will help us improve and plan for the future.
– I’ll be learning from people who have created great content, fantastic new tech and I’ll get to network with some influential people (in the past, people from Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, EBSCO and more have attended). Personally, I’m hoping to ask [speaker name] about [topic] during the Q&A.
– It will improve my ability to communicate with the rest of our team around our content strategy.
– You’re investing in me and this is an extremely important event for my professional growth.
– There is a growing ConTech community so I’ll have a much larger network of peers to support and receive support as we face content challenges in the future.
– All this and included is the option to go to a one day update ConTech Forum in mid-2020 complimentary.
– The good news is tickets are very affordable, only £795 for 2 full day of talks.

If you’re interested in attending as well, I believe it will give you additional clarity around the work I do and the role that we can play in our business. It will also help us work together to elevate how we develop and grow the possibilities within the business further.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you. The ConTech Conference Team is available to answer questions directly as well at 


Your ambitious content guru. Working hard to maximise the engagement with the content we work so hard to create.