ConTech 2018 Conference Chair Team

Vincent Cassidy, Director of Academic Markets, Institution of Engineering and Technology

Vincent is Director of Academic Markets at the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Previously, he has run his own business, Publishing Consulting, and held leadership positions at British Standards, Elsevier Health Sciences, Thomson Scientific and Academic Press. He has 30 years’ experience in the information business and has been engaged in digital transformation and market engagement across a broad range of products and markets, including STM, Higher Education and Professional. He is interested in how changing forms of communication impact user behaviours and how information providers respond to this dynamic.

We asked Vincent how he feels about ConTech: “I am delighted to be involved with ConTech18 and expect it to be a important fixture in the calendar of anyone who has an interest in content, usage and users.  Much of the debate and energy in the information world is sparking in the interface between content and fast-moving and increasingly bespoke user demands.  Capturing this energy and spark is the aim of ConTech18.”


Paul Blake, Head of Content Design, Department for Digital, Media, Culture & Sport 

Paul Blake is a content and knowledge management professional with experience of developing multichannel content across websites, apps, mobile portals and knowledge management systems. He is currently Head of Content Design at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport where he is leading a content programme focused on data policy, data ethics and data science in UK government.

During his 30 year information career, he has been Senior Content Designer at the Government Digital Service, Knowledge & Digital Content Manager at Three UK, Content Director at vnunet, Group Editor of Learned Information Europe, and Editor of Information World Review. He began his career at the British Library, specialising in business and patent information.

Paul’s view on participating in ConTech 2018 is “For me, the intersection between content and data science is one of the most exciting, disruptive and unpredictable areas of publishing and content management right now. It is the biggest tech revolution to hit the content world since the birth of the internet – with many opportunities and challenges that content and publishing people need to be actively engaged with. With ConTech, we’re looking to bring the content and data science community together to discuss these issues and work out together what happens next.”


Sam Herbert – Co-Founder, 67 Bricks

Sam Herbert is co-founder of 67 Bricks Ltd. a technology company that is leading the evolution of content and data capabilities at publishers. At 67 Bricks he oversees consultancy and software development projects to ensure they achieve the client’s business objectives. In this role Sam has taken a lead in exploring how technologies like AI, machine learning and natural language processing can deliver value in the information industry. He brings practical experience of the use of these technologies on real projects at 67 Bricks and a vision for how they will impact the information industry of the future.

Here’s what Sam has to say about ConTech 2018: “I am very excited to be involved in ConTech 2018. I see the worlds of content and technology coming together faster than ever. This will be a great forum for moving the industry forward in its use of modern content processing, storage, management and delivery technologies.”


Nicky Zachariou, PhD – Data Scientist, Government Digital Service

Nicky Zachariou is a mathematician by training and a data scientist by practice. She has an MSci in Mathematics, a PhD in Physics from Imperial College London and her research focussed on a complexity and networks science approach to the sustainability of socio-economic systems. As a recovering network scientist, she sees connections everywhere and believes that this knowledge can be applied to everyday interactions across government and everyday life. She believes that networks science can help you be more successful in your career and personal life as she she explains in her recent TEDxWhitehallWomen talk.

As the co-founder of DataBeers London, she loves bringing data enthusiasts together from industry, government, academia and the arts to share stories. She helps break down the barriers between previously siloed industries through fun, beer and storytelling, with data as a universal language.

Nicky has been working in Government since 2014 and is determined to help government get better at understanding patterns in data and being more innovative at using cutting edge technologies. Her superpower is explaining complex technical topics to non-specialists to show the value of data science and it application to real world problems. She’s currently leading the data science work on GOV.UK and using artificial intelligence, deep learning and network science to make GOV.UK better for its billions of users.

These are Nicky’s views on her participation in ConTech 2018: “I’ve always been fascinated by the application of mathematics to real world problems, so I am very excited to be supporting ConTech 2018! It is the one and only place to share stories about how data science, machine learning and AI can streamline the publishing workflow for both publishers and users.”


Dan Pollock, Specialist in Digital Publishing, Change Management and Growth Strategy, Delta Think

Daniel has over 25 years’ experience in helping companies to cut through the hype behind technology, so they can think through and deliver digital ideas that add real value to what they do. He uses his unique combination of strategic, commercial and technical experience to offer practical, insightful and accessible advice to business leaders who are looking to expand their digital horizons. He has worked at senior levels inside large and small organisations, from established businesses to dot-com startups. He has lead innovative projects at companies including Elsevier, Macmillan, Nature Publishing Group, Outsell Inc. and Jordan Publishing. He holds a Masters in Manufacturing Engineering from Cambridge University.

This is what Dan thinks about ConTech 2018 “Having spend most of my career advising on how organisations can move from digitising their activities to being truly digital organisations, I was delighted to be invited to participate in ConTech 2018. The ideas are exciting and I look forward to helping to assemble an engaging and forward-looking agenda.”