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“ConTech Legal is an exciting new event that will help the legal information industry understand how new technologies are disrupting the creation, management and dissemination of legal content and how becoming more data-driven can positively impact your businesses.

Brought to you by ConTech, the event platform that explores the transformation of content through data science, AI and other emerging technologies, ConTech Legal has been specially created to examine the issues law firms, legal publishers, statutory bodies and information providers face as a consequence of this disruption.  

ConTech Legal will be a forum to discuss both the threats and opportunities new technologies bring. From ownership and IP issues to contract negotiation and completion, due diligence, dispute resolution and enhancing research capabilities as well as a host of other areas.   

From a business perspective, the event will help you understand these opportunities and how to take the first steps towards a more data-driven business model and strategy. Legal content practitioners will learn how to embrace these new technologies and migrate towards data-driven publishing – whether that be creating content, managing content or distributing content. ConTech Legal is also welcomes those in the data science community who have begun to specialise in the legal content area. ConTech Legal is a unique event covering opportunities, tools and techniques from the emerging world of data science and AI focused through a legal content lens. We hope you’ll join us in June 2019 for this not to be missed event. “

Our Call for Speakers has started!  If you are interested in submitting a presentation for ConTech Legal 2019 please click on the link below.

Please fill out this form entirely to have your session considered. BE CREATIVE and be sure to consider carefully what audience members will learn from your session. Priority will be given to presenters who have first-hand knowledge and/or experience with the subject matter over theoretical presentations. We need a good mix of beginner and advanced sessions.

The Call for Speakers will end on 29th March 2019.



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