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Two days of keynotes, thought leadership, case studies and data-driven product sessions combined with networking with your peers from around the world.   

This year ConTech 2019 is bigger and bolder than before – and a whole community is growing around it.  Hear from innovators, pioneers and businesses taking a futuristic approach to what they do.  Learn from their successes and mistakes.

The programme is now available and we are excited to share it with you:

Where did ConTech come from?

Who should attend?

ConTech 2019 is open and inclusive to everyone.

ConTech is an event for content people – from publishers to content and information managers – who want to understand how data-driven content will impact their organisations, operations and the content they create, deliver and consume. 

* If you have a business perspective, the event is about understanding the opportunity and how to take the first steps towards a more data-driven business model and strategy.

* If you are a content practitioner, the event is about how to migrate towards data-driven publishing – whether that is in creating content, managing content or distributing content.

* If you’re an information scientist, the event is about introducing new data science tools and techniques into your work and enhancing the services you provide to your users. 

ConTech 2019 is also for the data science community who have begun to specialise in the content area. 

The event is unique as it is about data science and AI opportunities, tools and techniques but through the lens of those working in content and information science.

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    “The conference was fantastic. The best I’ve attended in years and one of the first times I didn’t feel like the speakers were actively pushing services or trying to sell software. We definitely want to be a part of ConTech 2019.”

    • Michael Puscar
    • Founder, OIGA Technologies
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    “Thank you.  ConTech 2018  - a really, really well put together conference.” 

    • Daniel Hoadley
    • Head of Marketing, ICLR
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    "Thank you for initiating this event which is long overdue – and not just for the publishing industry. Well organised and with great participants – I look forward to the next one.”

    • Freddie Quek
    • VP Software Engineering, Solera
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    "Kudos to you and the team for organising such an engaging conference with interesting audience, topics and speakers."

    • Umesh Nandal
    • Senior NLP Scientist, Life Sciences, ELSEVIER 

Sponsor ConTech 2019

200 senior level industry players attended the first ConTech conference in 2018. It was a resounding success with all of the attendees surveyed rating the event ‘good to excellent’. 94% said ConTech is a ‘must attend event’ and one they’d highly recommend.   ConTech is looking to double the number of delegates in 2019 so become a sponsor and bring your brand in front of some of the most influential companies in the industry.


Don’t miss your chance to:
• Network
• Build Brand Awareness
• Make a long-lasting impact on your target audience
• Find new customers
• Stay on top of industry trends
• Capture immediate feedback on new technologies, services or products
• Gain industry insight and evaluate market trends to generate new business opportunities
• Build relationships with contacts who may not be part of your current market or marketing strategy

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“ConTech2018 was an incredibly informative conference for our team. The conference was headlined by an impressive list of speakers with a depth of experience in applying emerging technologies to solve Big Data challenges in the health care and publishing industries. We learned a great deal, made valuable contacts, and closed new business.” Michael Puscar, Founder, Oiga Technologies – Returning Sponsor ConTech 2019

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A huge thank you to our ConTech 2019 sponsors

“Contech 2018 was a great event for me, I was able to build deeper relationships with scientists/stakeholders in the bio pharma industry and spread the word about boosting productivity levels in the lab and reproducibility with a speaking spot. Really looking forward to sharing how I can help Bio pharma companies at ConTech 2019!” Claire Merritt,Account Manager, JoVE Biopharma – Returning Sponsor  ConTech 2019

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