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Welcome To ConTech 2019

The first ever ConTech Conference in London in 2018 boasted first class keynotes, ground-breaking insights and the sharing of knowledge by pioneers in content publishing and data science.

The intersection between content and data science is one of the most exciting, disruptive and unpredictable areas of publishing and content management right now. It is the biggest tech revolution to hit the content world since the birth of the internet – with both challenges and opportunities that publishing and content people need to be actively engaged with. ConTech has been created to showcase the very latest thinking and to explore how data science AI and other technologies can unlock a host of new opportunities for organisations of all types and sizes.

The founding ConTech community reacted very positively to the arrival of this new event in the conference calendar and the feedback so far has been universally positive with 94% of those surveyed confirming that they would recommend ConTech in 2019.

Max Gabriel, CTO, Taylor & Francis

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    “The conference was fantastic. The best I’ve attended in years and one of the first times I didn’t feel like the speakers were actively pushing services or trying to sell software. We definitely want to be a part of ConTech 2019.”

    • Michael Puscar
    • Founder, OIGA Technologies
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    “Thank you.  ConTech 2018  - a really, really well put together conference.” 

    • Daniel Hoadley
    • Head of Marketing, ICLR
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    "Thank you for initiating this event which is long overdue – and not just for the publishing industry. Well organised and with great participants – I look forward to the next one.”

    • Freddie Quek
    • VP Software Engineering, Solera
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    "Kudos to you and the team for organising such an engaging conference with interesting audience, topics and speakers."

    • Umesh Nandal
    • Senior NLP Scientist, Life Sciences, ELSEVIER 

ConTech 2019 Themes & Call for Speakers

Content creation and consumption is changing faster than ever before. This is impacting business models, patterns of behaviour and virtually every aspect of the role information plays across organisations. ConTech 2019 is the platform to showcase the very latest thinking and to help understand how data science, AI and other emerging technologies can unlock a host of new opportunities for organisations of all types and sizes.

We are looking for speakers to tell their stories around these issues and around the following core themes:-

“The intersection of content, data and technology is changing the landscape”

What data science tools and techniques can you adopt to improve content creation, management and delivery? What role do artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning have in developing the next generation of content products? What does a good content project built around data look like today? What will the content product of the future be?


Demonstrating the value of AI? What choices do you make?

Organizational, staffing, cultural directions to pursue to How do you manage the cultural issues of bringing content and data specialists together? How do you develop a culture that embraces data? How can your content teams become rapid and flexible enough to exploit the opportunities of richer data? What does a good data driven content project look like?  What are the lessons of projects that have deliverable measurable benefits?


Data communication and visualization

Our programme will explore the critical importance of these disciplines. We will look at how data analytics projects can fail or not have the desired impact – and in this theme we can talk about the right staffing and organizational structures as well as data visualization techniques. ConTech 2019 will introduce a poster ‘gallery’ to further provide examples of this point


Data ethics and innovation

How do you adopt a more data driven approach to your content while maintaining the trust of your users? What is best practice in data ethics and how does it impact your reputation? How might geo-politics impact future innovation? Will the “data permissive” own the future? How can we responsibly use data? Where is the balance? 


We are also interested to hear your success stories. We are looking for case studies of successful data driven / informed content projects. Product innovations that are changing the information landscape. Speakers are welcome on all aspects of these new technologies that are revolutionising the value of content and how it is used.

ConTech 2019 is focused on how a new generation of technology is impacting the world of content. We are seeking the content pioneers who are already seeing the benefits of using data science, the data science visionaries who are building new content tools and those who understand how to start applying data science to their work. – if you are a publisher, content strategist or manage content for your organisation and have a story to tell submit today.


2 days of keynotes, thought leadership, case studies and data-driven product sessions combined with networking with your peers from around the world.   

Full Schedule Coming Soon.


Over 40 speakers sharing their knowledge and experience of a data driven world.

Speakers Coming Soon

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The inaugural ConTech 2018 was attended by almost 200 senior level industry players, it was a resounding success with 100% of the attendees surveyed rating the event good to excellent, this alone is phenomenal but on top of that 95% said they will be recommending this event as a must attend event.  ConTech 2019 is looking at doubling its numbers on 2018 and what better way to bring your brand in front of some of the most influential companies in the industry than to become a ConTech 2019 sponsor.


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